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What We Believe:


ad In Consulting believes in the  “Value of the Brand”:


A Brand is often a company’s most valuable asset. In a world of parity products and services, nothing can tilt things more dramatically in your favor than Brand Equity.  Strong brands generally enjoy several distinct advantages:


1. Clear & meaningful points of difference

2. Satisfy a consumer need on both intellectual & emotional levels

3. Consistency


When brands resonate with consumers on these dimensions a powerful emotional bond develops.  When the customer becomes emotionally vested in a brand, loyalty to the brand becomes solidified.


Loyalty is incredibly important. Over time it builds brand equity and brand equity goes right to the value of every company.


However, brand value is affected by the many elements that can either contribute to or detract from how consumers think about your brand.  These influences can be either initiated by the brand or initiated by the marketplace.  Either way, we believe that you should understand the effects these interactions have on your brand.

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