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What We Do

At ad In Consulting we provide a full complement of quantitative approaches to evaluate and optimize the brandís conversation touch points.† In keeping with our fundamental philosophy that every touch point should be maximized and contribute to a brandís image we adopted a brand equity component that can be added to every test design to assess brand equity contribution.† More importantly, we are positioned to assess every conversation point with both standardized and customized designs. We offer our featured Website Evaluator methodology which is designed to evaluate and optimize your website. Specifically, it answers such key questions as:


Is your site effective?† Is it on strategy? How can we make it better?† Does it speak to its intended target?


At ad In Consulting we help our clients answer the big and small questions that serve to evaluate, optimize and enhance their advertising and product strategies. We will turn Information into Insight for Inspiration.


Turning Information into Insight for Inspiration


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